9 May 2013, 5:39 p.m.
A Roguelike game with magical bargains and floobly things.

David and I have started work on a Roguelike dungeon-exploration game with the working title of Bargains. We've called it that because we want to use it to explore the ideas of magic that David wrote about here. You can use magic to fight the monsters you come up against, but to do so you'll have to make deals with the various gods whose shrines litter the dungeon. Want to be able to cast Blinding Flash? Well, the Eyeless One is happy to oblige, but it'll cost you a third of your vision range.

The game hasn't got to that stage yet, however. You can go here to play the current version, which will let you shoot fireballs from braziers or blow them up if you're near enough. No tradeoffs yet. No, er, win condition either...

Controls: WASD to move, IJKL to punch, 1 or 2 to switch spells and spacebar to use magic.

Here's an Artist's Rendition of the Bargains dungeon (larger version here):