Minimaps and graphical polish

18 May 2014, 6:35 p.m.
We've started working on Bargains again this weekend, and to start out with, we wanted to fix up a whole lot of minor visual bugs: bad text rendering, flickering shadows and gaps between tiles, and some corner cases in the line of sight calculations. (Ho, ho. Pun. Corner cases.)

The combined result of these fixes have made the game look vastly better. Compare this new screenshot:

Exploding Braziers

with this old one:

Bargains screenshots, December 2013

We've also added a minimap in the top right, which is both handy and another thing that you'll be able to sacrifice in exchange for magical powers. (The main mechanic in Bargains is that you can swap abilities like sight range for magical spells.)

Floobler Attack

Now we've made all of these changes, we're really fired up to add lots of cool new stuff that will take advantage of them. (Monsters! Spells! Horrible dark gods!)

Striking a bargain with a dark god