What we've been working on in Bargains

13 Dec 2013, 2:43 p.m.
We've added a whole bunch of new things: equipment, potions and the chance to lose your sight in exchange for magic.

We've just added a whole bunch of new features to Bargains. It's starting to look like a real game!

Treasure chests

You will now find treasure chests dotted around the dungeon. They may hold useful weapons or armour, or magical potions ... or they might be empty. The deeper you go into the dungeon, the more exciting the contents of the chests become.

Treasure chests in the dungeon

Armour and weapon types

There are three kinds of weapons -- blunt ones, sharp ones and magical ones -- and leather, steel and magical armour to protect you from them.

The different weapons and armour types in the game


Apart from equipment, you can also find potions to heal, speed you up, make you invisible and even set you on fire. (That last one is much more useful than it sounds!)

The multicoloured potions in the game

Making bargains

The eponymous bargains of the game are now coming into play. You no longer start out knowing any spells, but you must trade away your sight range, or ability to spot traps, to learn them.

Making a bargain with the Eyeless One

Particles, particles everywhere!

Particles improve everything. Basically, it's much easier to emit some particles than to create an elaborate, specific animation for every event, so we've added them all over the place.

Blood, magic and fire particles, all at once

What's next for Bargains?

Now that the game pretty much works as a game, we want to expand the amount of stuff in it. More monsters, more varied dungeon maps, more spells and, of course, the opportunity to trade away more of yourself.