Bumble updates!

3 Dec 2017, 8:52 p.m.

After leaving it untouched for three years, David and I have made some updates to our blogging engine, Bumble, and we have plans for more.

As tends to be the case, these updates were prompted by my getting an idea for a new website. I've long been dissatisfied with the way I've used Bumble's project-based structure on this site (nearly everything I write here goes into the 'blog' sub-page, which means it's not a useful classification at all) and this time I made sure to plan out the structure ahead of time.

In the course of this, we decided that everything in this new website can be kept on a more-or-less flat level, with tags doing the bulk of the organisational work. We've accordingly added the capacity to put a title and description on a tag page, and a shortcut to create a list of all tags, using a custom Django template filter.

We've further updated the captchas for commenting to use reCAPTCHA 2, necessary as the first version was about to stop working.

There are still a lot of tasks on our issues list, so to make further work on the project easier, we spent some time updating the installation instructions in the README, creating a requirements file for pip, and upgrading Bumble to use Django 1.11. Of course, Django 2.0 has now been released, so we're already behind the times!

Finally, a word about hosting: my new site is hosted on Python Anywhere and the process of getting it up there was very smooth. I admit to following the relevant section of the Django Girls tutorial—why not?

After all that work (and more to come), Terrible Things Happening in Cold Places is not yet open for business. I got a migraine on the day I'd planned to start writing posts for it and then we went to Romania for a week, so some momentum was lost, but I shall regain it, never fear!