24 Nov 2013, 2:18 p.m.

About me and my website.

About me

Me taking a selfie, with help from Dexter the cat.

I'm an early-thirties nonbinary person (they pronouns please), living in Switzerland with my awesome Swiss partner David and two cats, Sinister and Dexter.

At work, I'm a web developer for a local agency. In my spare time, I love board games, tabletop role-playing games and reading, especially science fiction. I'm fascinated by polar exploration, mountaineering exploits and vampires. I sometimes write a bit myself. David and I write a webcomic together, which is currently on hiatus but will be starting up again soon.

About katzenfabrik.cat

This website is built on Bumble, a blogging platform written by David Stark and me using Django. It's intended to be useful for people who have lots of projects on the go. See the Bumble page itself for more details and updates.

The main background for the site was generated using Hero Patterns.

It's trivial to link this website and my pseudonymous profiles with my real identity, but (I hope) slightly harder to go back the other way. I would greatly appreciate it if people avoided linking to katzenfabrik.cat with my real name.

Links to all my other online stuff

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